~MUET speaking test~

today i did my speking test in MUET(MALAYSIAN UNIVERSITY ENGLISH TEST)..MUET is super scary n killer and i kn0w that pe0ple is feeling scared,nerv0us ad super dupern panic of this muet. same goes to me lah .my gr0up is da last gr0up in m0rning sessi0n.my team mate is fadhil , me and two private candidates. aziela(uitm perak) n ilham (uitm puncak alam). g0d willings we did well.

da questi0n is:
the things dat m0st imp0rtant in life..
cand A-health..
cand B-fwenship..
cand C-educati0n..
cand D-family..


p/s:i try 2 d0 my best in speaking test and h0pe i can d0 well in da c0ming test !

ime aseh sudi bace..syuke tak..?k0menla :)

4 b0dap gedikx jdy juri..~:

misZ eEhan said...

wah mesti lega sebab da lepas ...
ehan punye ary rabu 19 ary bulan nieyh ... berdebar wes .. hahhaha

itsmegedik said...

hee..~emam lega 0wn..
nerv0us glew auw..
p nseb baep examiner sp0tim..
nyway wish u luck dear..~

misZ eEhan said...

hahahhaha .. huh .. nervous laaa ..

itsmegedik said...

daa uap yam t'baep ean..!=)..

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