alhamdulillah :D

Assalamualaikum . Dah lame kan tak hupdate . semua dah berhabukk *fuhh tiup habukk . My blog pun dah rindu sakan dekat korang , biaselah busy dgn bisnes online tuh . tapi macam malas dah nak handle . bulan puasa kan . tired >< 0h0h0 . Happy Fasting yeah guys . okay  nak share something nih . HAPPY FASTING yae. ALHAMDULILLAH , mayb rezeki bln ramdhan .  yeah ! speechless . That is my first expression when I've got an offer letter from UiTM . I am not sure what should i do when receiving the offer letter. All my family members is very happy with the news of the offer.  I got the chance to feel it . Everybody must feels excited to start a new life . Like me , being as a university student is one of my dream .  I got the offer letter from UiTM CAMPUS MACHANG and without thinking about anything I accept the offer because I can fulfill my dream . 0yeah ! I feel very excited . & dpt plak c0urse yg ite mnt since bile ntah " office management " .seronoknye .. ecece *buat kening ziana zain .

Bile dah tahu result ape bukan setakat melompat choi , siap dengan chicken dance lagi . haha . until now i say THANK YOU ALLAH , yeah ! I get what I want selama ni . Yepp ! My dreams come true :D

The offer letter from UITM state that I should registered on 1 September 2012 and I was excited to face that date.  tp rezeki ite melimpah ruah , rezeki ALLAH nak bagi . at da same time i dapat jugak offer letter SPA .. penolong pegawai psikologi . oyeah , interview lepas . tapi nak cerita sikit dekat you alls psl interview 2 , rawrrr lepas dpt je offer letter tu ,  immediately I pun buat la preparation memandangkan I never known what are going to be asked during that interview . s0 , i just prepare myself mentally and physically . i just study the questions that being ask during the interview session . memang nervous giler lah . i just do my best and also tawakkal . meh nak tnjuk muke stress . haha . okay lah dats all . nanti kite sharing lagi . muachhh

ime aseh sudi bace..syuke tak..?k0menla :)

3 b0dap gedikx jdy juri..~:

gigiAriEma said...

tahniahhh dpt smbung. :)

itsmegedik said...

tems dear :D

tirahzairi said...

tahniah dear :)

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